Singlemode and Multimode OTDR Testing

Thomond Communications provide products & testers for Singlemode & Multimode OTDR Testing.

Singlemode and Multimode Cable Jointing

We provide products & services for singlemode & multimode cable jointing.

Fibre to the Desk Solutions

We provide FTTD solutions for our market leading clients & companies, We can successfully connect cables from the fibre line straight to each desk or portal.

Complete Documentation for Backbone Networks

Supply & Install Fibre Optic Raceway Systems

Pre Terminated Fibre Optic Cables

A wide range of Fibre Optic Patch panels/Enclosures

Wide Range of Fibre Optic Cable

Supply and installing of a wide range of length of Fibre Optic cables for services.

Network Design

Network design refers to the planning of the implementation of a computer network infrastructure.